the fourth horseman (onetwentyproof) wrote in antithis,
the fourth horseman

i hate atheists...

I'll say it again. I HATE ATHEISTS.

I hate them. God ought to exist simply to damn all of them to a painful torture in hell, if nothing else.

I have never met an atheist who wasn't:

A. A complete and utter beligerant asshole who had no conception of rational and level-headed dialogue
B. A confused and weak-minded individual with no real conception of observed reality
C. Molested as a child

or, most often, all three.

Atheists are complete shit. Atheist lives are worth nothing and their pain is deserved and of no consequence to anyone else.

That said, I must say that I hate fundamentalists of almost any type.

I hate fundamentalist Christians
I hate fundamentalist Muslims
I hate fundamentalist Hindus
I hate almost any fundamentalist you could think of.

I do like fundamentalist jews, but only because those Hasidic dudes are so cool. However, I'm sure there're a lot of jews who are shit as well.

That is not to say that I hate everyone. All religions are perfectly wonderful in moderation or in some configuration, but almost every fundamentalist is worthless garbage.

This, of course, includes President George W. Bush. As I said, he is worthless garbage. I hate W.
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